Custom Homes
At Huntley Builders, we've taken the idea of
personalized building to a whole new level. From 
conception to completion, every client has input
into the design and building process.
We'll walk you through construction, making sure
that every step of the way you understand each 
phase of the building process. Each craftsman chosen by Huntley Builders has many years of experience in his field and a commitment to the 
kind of quality Huntley Builders is devoted to providing
Huntley Builders Renovations
Each renovation is properly planned, designed, executed and each finishing detail addressed. As 
with new construction each project is expertly
supervised. Each craftsman is hand-selected for the quality of his product and his workmanship. All of this makes your remodeling experience fun and exciting - we look forward to discussing your 
renovation ideas!
Have you been thinking of renovating, maybe adding a sunroom, deck or just
improving the appearance of your home? Let Huntley Builders make that dream a reality
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